Welcome to the website of Susanne's comfortable apartment in Berlin-Rudow
It does not matter if you will visit Berlin because of holidays, your job or studies, living at Casa Susanne is one of the easiest and cheapest way. The basement dwelling, designed for two persons, has good connections to the WISTA Place Berlin-Adlershof (3km), the airport Schoenefeld (5km, without its noisy influence) and is about 1km away from the subway station Rudow, wherefrom you are able to visit Berlin completely. The next supermarket is two corners or 4 minutes to walk away (more information:location).
A separated entrance, kitchen with fixtures ,Pizza oven , fridge and eating-bar is available. The living room consits of a comfortable lounge and has TV. In the Bathroom you can find: Shower, toilet and washstand.
The apartment is in Rudow, the south-eastern of Berlin. It is a good place for everybody who prefers the mix of city and countryside.

Hiker, bicyclist and inlineskaters can use the way which is following the fallen Berlin Wall (Mauerradweg) to leave the daily grind, it is just 1km away. It is also possible to visit the "Rudower Höhe" or the "Dörferblick" to get a nice view of Berlin and the country around, at day as well as at night. Another advantage of the countryside is the possibility of visiting the farm named Mendler,just 15 minutes away at the end of Lettberger Str by foot. Mendler sells fresh milk and meat, thus drinking fresh milk at the breakfest is not only a dream. It is also a good adress for people interested in equitation. The Rudower Wochenmarkt , a little market for food and clothes placed in the Pierosser Str., takes place wednesdays and saturdays between 8am and 1pm.

To walk to the underground train station Rudow, it takes 15 minutes. By bus number 172 or 162 which stops Selgenauer Weg in front of the supermarket the way can be contraced to 7 minutes. From the subwaystation it is possible to visit Berlin comfortably. On this way you will use the longest underground tube line U7. With the bus X7 there is also a direct connection between underground station (U) Rudow and the airport Schoenefeld (BER) without stopover.

The WISTA-area or trainstation S Adlershof can be reached by bus number 162 starting at the bus stop Selgenauer Weg opposed the supermarket.

Tickets can be bought in busses, at ticket printers on train platforms or ticket-shops (last two variants: Don't forget to stamp before using!). Currently an oneway AB-Ticket costs 3€ and can be used for 2 hours. More information about connections, tickets, maps and time-tables can be found on the official BVG site or the BVG-App, which you can find in your App-store.

If you are interested in the apartment Casa Susanne, please contact us:
Susanne Kranz
Zinnwalder Steig 7
Plz: 12355 Berlin
E-Mail: info@casa-susanne-berlin.de
Handy: +49 1638677638
For calculating the route with Google Maps:

Direction by leaving the A113
...follow the street till you are able to see the supermarket on the right side. Turn right into the street in front of the supermarket, named Selgenauer Weg. First street, named Zinnwalder Steig, turn right. Follow the street till you can see the two white letterboxes on the right. The Casa Susanne (Nr.7) is located in the back of 7A.
For up-to-date prices, please contact us. If you would like to stay longer than three months, we will make a spacial price, espacially for commuter and trainees. We also like visits of touring cyclist.


Casa Susanne
Susanne Kranz
Zinnwader Steig 7
12355 Berlin


Mobile: +49 1638677638
E-Mail: info@casa-susanne-berlin.de